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Choose from our range of party plans to suit your needs. We have set packages as well as bespoke packages to suit your party preferences.


Why not purchase key items to complement and complete your party ideas, these could be party bags or decorations, in an easyily accessible pack.

Party bags

We have party bag options to suit you and your guests, matched to your themes and vary the number of items you need. Choose with in the site

Who we are & What we do...

We provide dedicated & bespoke party planning guide which includes our bespoke party bags thus giving you that special party you have always wanted. 

What Our Customers Say About Us...

Can’t thank the Fabulous party team for all their hard work in making the twins party a wonderful day, the outcome was just beyond my expectations!


When it was time to hold Didi’s party my thoughts were in overdrive once again, but this time finally got to enjoy bits of the day, thanks to fabulous party and their dedication.

Thank you Fabulous parties, you rock! From the first phone to delivery I felt my anxieties gradually dissipate to a fabulous and successful party in the end.


Being a single Dad,  having my daughter’s birthday has always been a challenge, but this time it was a breeze and all down to fabulous parties;